Nano Technology Waterproofing

Water Proofing Solution with Nano Technology ( World’s Latest Technology )


Unique microfibre reinforced name polymer paste is penetrative and reactive to deliver the superior flexible yet hard water proofing performance and nanoparticles of alumna is 200 times lesser than the cement particles which easily spreads and fills visible and invisible ports and make the surface clean waterproof forever


  1. Thin slurry coats fills all ports and capillaries of surface
  2. Service becomes forever waterproof after 2-3 brush roller coating
  3. Ultra superior heterotrophic nano structuring waterproofing
  4. Crackle Control i.e. Microfibers controls the cracks during expansion and contraction process
  5. Non toxic and eco-friendly
  6. Easy application
  7. Suitable to potable water system

Surface preparation

  1. First clean the surface thoroughly by brush
  2. Wash with water or chemicals
  3. Repeat the brush cleaning leaving no dust particles

 Application and mixing instructions

  • -Mix 1kg of micro fiber reinforced nano polymer paste. 2 kg of cement and thin by adding 2-3 litre of water. Spread with boom over the clean surface service at least you time to fill the visible and a invisible pores on the surface. Nano particles will fill up in the pores impor and cement aggregate etc.
  • After drying mix 1 kg nano polymer paste and 2kg of cement and 1-2 litre of water to brushable mode. Mix properly and apply will brush one roller into two coats and bricks or concrete surface.  Each coat in opposite directions. If first coat is applied in the horizontal direction then second coat should be applied in vertical after the drying of first coat.
  • Second coat show me applied when first coat is dried


  • Clean the surface bye take brush wash with detergent or plain water
  • Wall for drying
  • Again clean by brush
  • Apply thin slurry of 1kg of micro fiber re-inforced nano polymer, 2 kg of cement & 2-3 litre water
  • Applying drying of slurry, mix 1kg of micro fiber re-inforced nano polymer paste 2kg of cement and
  • 1-2 litre of water to make brushable mode
  • Apply with roller or brush in 2-3 coats

Waterproof and restaurant floor

When 3 kg of fiber reinforced nano polymer is mixed with cement and properly homogenously mixed and applied with trowel in 2 or 3 mm thickness, a unique floor is achieved which ks waterproof and load bearing. Before applying a thin coat of same mixed material should be applied for primer by brush/roller.


  • Since cement concrete or or brick tiles are porous assure the complete cleaning of the surface for the feeling of the vide/pores/cavities which are normally invisible for permanent waterproofing
  • During mixing process Air bubbles are formed wait for 10 minutes to avoid air bubbles during applying the mixer


Mixture of 1 KG microfibre reinforced Nano polymer, 2kg of cement and 1-2 litre of water covers 4 to 5 Sqm Area’ in single coating depending upon surface  condition


1 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Shelf life

Two years if properly sealed


All precautions have been considered in compiling technical data. We provide 7 yrs warranty to our customers .