ACC Blocks

Plaster of Paris Suppliers in Gurgaon

Blocks Description

AAC Blocks are the interesting and great kind of building materials because of its super warmth, fire and sound resistance, AAC squares is lightweight and offers extreme workability, adaptability and sturdiness. Its primary fixings incorporate sand, water, quicklime, bond and gypsum. The substance response because of the aluminum glue gives AAC its particular permeable structure, delicacy, and protection properties, totally distinctive contrasted with other lightweight solid materials.We are also deal with in pop, as we are well known for Plaster of Paris Suppliers in Gurgaon.


Parameter Unit Values
Length mm 625
Breadth mm 240
Width mm 75,100,125,150,200,225,250,300
Dry density Kg/m3 550-650
Compressive strength N/mm2 4-5(Grade-1)
Fire Resistance Hours 2-6
Thermal conductivity Range (K value) W/mk 0.1-0.2
Drying shrinkage mm/m Max.0.20
Sound Absorotion Db 40-50 for 200mm wall
Water Absorption Coefficient Kg/mX h0.5 4-6

Comparison between Alternative walling materials

Parameter Try & Tell blocks Clay Bricks
Common size(LxBxH) in mm 625*240*75-300 210*70*90-100
Density(Kg/m3) Oven Dry 550-650 1900-2300
Precision (Tolerance) in mm +/- 3 to 5 +/- 10 to 15
Thermal Insulation in W/m-k 0.1 to  0.2 0.8125
Sound Insulation in db 40-45 db for 200mm wall -40 db for 200mm wall
Tongue – Groove Profile Yes No
Hand Grips Yes No
Green Building Points Yes No
Water Absorption Coefficient in kg/m2 x h0.5 4-6 22-30
Fire Resistance in hours 2 to 6 2
Earthquake Resistance Conform to seismic cone IV & V Conditional
Termites & Pest Resistance High Low
Workability Easy Difficult
Manufacturing Process Fully Automatic Fully manual
Wastage due to breakage Negligible 10-12%
Wastage due to construction Low High
Availability Anytime during the year Seasonal