Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris Suppliers in Gurgaon

Plaster Of Paris Description

Plaster of paris is made by high quality gypsum. It is smooth, strong and extra white, making it ideal for complex decorative patterns like architectural, moulding, false ceiling, etc.Try and Tell provides you the best quality of pop thats why we are the best plaster of paris suppliers in gurgaon.The plaster is made by the dry powder and mixed with a water to form a stiff but workable paste immediately before it gets dry , we are the best known plaster of paris manufactures in gurgaon in the whole state.


We provide 30 Kg of packaging.


  •  No Cracks
  •  Durable Than Other Ordinary Products.
  •  Light Weight
  •  No Water Curing Required
  •  Less Time Required (70% Reduced Time In Plastering)

Product Specifications :-

SKU AD.PL.PL.719168
Type of product Plaster of Paris
Setting Time 15-20 min
Residue 2% – 4%
Whiteness 70% – 80%
Tensile Strength 7.6 kg/cm
Certified ISO/ ISI
Packing 25 kg , 40 kg