Ready Mix Cement Plaster

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Ready Mix Cement Plaster Description :-

Ready-mix, cement and lime-based compound with predefined granulations of fine quartz sands and special admixtures.Interior and exterior fine plaster for final leveling of the rough lime-cement plaster.


  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Correct and controlled composition
  • Complies with the plaster group GP CS II, standard EN 998 – 1:2004
  • Interior and exterior fine plaster
  • Also suitable for rooms with high moisture content



16-17 Sq. Ft.


30 kg in bag (plastificated) / 1200 kg (60 x 20 kg) on pallet

Product Specification:- 

Type of product Lime-cement mortar
Bulk density of powder 1,2 kg/l
Weight of fresh mortar 1,8 kg/l
Weight of hardened mortar 1,6 kg/l
Grain size Dmax: 1 mm
Air share in fresh mortar 18 %
Bond strength on concrete surface after 28 days >= 0,2 MPa
Capillary water absorption W0
Water vapour permeability coefficient (µ) < = 15
Thermal conductivity 0,47 W/m.K
Compressive strength after 28 day < = 5 MPa (CS II)


Features :

  • T&T Instaplast is made with clean and processed graded river sand along with premium quality cement.
  • Prepared with a mix of special binders and additivies T&T Instaplast is water resistant, crack proof and peel proof.
  • Due to right composition and high quality of materials T&T Instaplast is more durable and quality consistent.
  • It binds strong with the base.



  1. Less wastage
  2. Saves time of construction
  3. Crack-proof and water resistant
  4. Cost effective
  5. Less labor
  6. Convenient and easy to use
  7. Better quality and performance than traditional plaster is smoother and consistent.