Ready Mix Perlite


Whenever there is a difference in temperature across the given area heat Naturally flows from warm area to cool area according to the law of thermodynamics. It seeks a balance what is the temperature is the same across the whole area. In summers high heat flows from outside to inside and in winters, heat flows from inside to outside of a building. Heat transfer can never be stopped. The purpose of insulation is to impede the natural process.


What is perlite

Perlite is volcanic rock when Crushed and quickly heated above 900°C. It is expended like popcorn and expands 20to 22 times to its original volume. After expansion perlite is one of the lightest natural products in the world.

Advantages of Try & Tell Ready Mix Perlite

1. Energy-saving:- Due to the high values transfer of heat between inside and outside of room is restricted. This results in less quantity of energy required to maintain the temperature in the room.

2. Perlite insulation are much lighter than the existing laying of brickbad coba, concrete resulting in reduced in the dead weight of roof slab.

3. It is deemed that 2 inch thickness of perlite provide insulation equal to that of 1 inch top quality insulation board.

4. Insulation bricks are useful in summer and winter and workable in -50 degree C to +100 degrees C. It was stop outside hear coming inside and inside hear going outside.

5. Perlite cement bricks have the acoustic properties to reduce Noise level wind uplift and seismic resistance.

6. Thermal insulation bricks are non-toxic and environment friendly.

7. These bricks are inorganic, non-inflammable and non-comebustible.

8. Insulation bricks are easy to lay and economical.

9. Perlite do not omit odors, toxic fumes or attract vermin. It does not decompose or detriote.