Nano Technology Waterproofing


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Acrylic-butadiene base having solid 56% further enhanced to 85% by addition of nano particles of alumina oxide.

These nano particles are 250 times finer than the talcum, when spread with cement in equal parts on the surface, penetrates and automatically fills the pores, cavities and invisible and visible pores, micro cracks etc. and seal the surface in two coats. Herein waterproof properties are achieved, may be checked by ponding the water for 48 hrs.

Further, nano polymer screed is laid by trowel over the nano polymer coated surface which readies the surface for load bearing.

Nano screed is quartz stones mixed with nano polymer, when mixed with cement (1 part cement: 3 parts Screed), the surface becomes hard to bear the load.

To cover any faults of laying of nano polymer, two brush coats are applied.

Total five protections of waterproofing is provided for permanent nature.




Providing and applying of Try & Tell nano polymer based waterproofing technology for concrete rafts, concrete floors, etc. manufactured by  Try & Tell. Nano waterproof system is capable to seal the pores, intecises, micro cracks in the concrete. This system becomes integral part of concrete and is not affected by surface wear and abrasion. The material will be non-toxic and will be suitable for application in drinking water tanks. It is able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure, stop moisture coming up through concrete to beyond any overlay system. The material does not contain stearates, sodium or silicate and is not hydrophobic type. The material is able to seal the micro cracks (not living/moving crack) that may occur from subsequent damage to structure. It is not affected by wear and abrasion of surface, also it does not contain oils, stearates, sodium, any silicates or talc and is not hydrophobic.


The application process for the same is as follows:

1) Roughness and repair of existing surface

2) Two brush coats of Try & Tell nano polymer (particle size of nano polymer is 250 times finer than the cement particle)

3) Laying of nano polymer waterproof screed in 3-4 mm thickness for hard and waterproof load bearing surface

4) Brush coating of elastomeric polymer

5) Making philets (gola) inside the tank by polymer screed

6) One brush coats of Try & Tell nano polymer

Total: 4-5 layers including nano screeding. However, waterproof properties will be achieved in first two coats



  • Clean the surface bye take brush wash with detergent or plain water
  • Wall for drying
  • Again clean by brush
  • Apply thin slurry of 1kg of micro fiber re-inforced nano polymer, 2 kg of cement & 2-3 litre water
  • Applying drying of slurry, mix 1kg of micro fiber re-inforced nano polymer paste 2kg of cement and
  • 1-2 litre of water to make brushable mode
  • Apply with roller or brush in 2-3 coats

Waterproof and restaurant floor

When 3 kg of fiber reinforced nano polymer is mixed with cement and properly homogenously mixed and applied with trowel in 2 or 3 mm thickness, a unique floor is achieved which ks waterproof and load bearing. Before applying a thin coat of same mixed material should be applied for primer by brush/roller.


  • Since cement concrete or or brick tiles are porous assure the complete cleaning of the surface for the feeling of the vide/pores/cavities which are normally invisible for permanent waterproofing
  • During mixing process Air bubbles are formed wait for 10 minutes to avoid air bubbles during applying the mixer


Mixture of 1 KG microfibre reinforced Nano polymer, 2kg of cement and 1-2 litre of water covers 4 to 5 Sqm Area’ in single coating depending upon surface  condition


1 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Shelf life

Two years if properly sealed


All precautions have been considered in compiling technical data. We provide 7 yrs warranty to our customers .